It is well known the benefits of dancing on your physical health but it is great for your mental health too.

  • Improves mood, lowers stress and anxiety.
  • Dance as a tool of therapeutic expression and social anxiety therapy.
  • Dance as a form of depression reduction.

  Now is the perfect time to try an Irish dance class!  Have a dance party with your family!
We’re now offering online Irish Dance classes.   

And, hey: We’ve made sure that joining an online video session is super easy.  

Here’s how it works: 

  • Click on the button below and book an online session
  • You’ll instantly receive a confirmation email with a unique video link
  • When your appointment is up, simply click on the link we sent you, and presto! 

 You’ll see us smiling right at you! 

For any questions on our online video sessions, please contact us at (937)321-6687 or email 

Looking forward to seeing you online! 


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