McGovern Irish Dance Performance Team - Try Out for the team!

Shelagh Mcgovern

McGovern Irish Dance Performance Team Try Outs!

We are opening our performance team to the public!  

If you are 12 -17 years old and interested in performing with a dynamic, creative and powerful Irish dance team, we would love to see you at our try outs!  

Deadline to sign up for the Try Outs is August 15.  Once the sign ups come through, I will set a schedule.

Performance Team Practices will be held on Wednesdays 5:45 - 6:45 & Saturdays 12:00 - 1:30 and your commitment is for one full session

  • Session 1 - September - February
  • Session 2 - March - August

Tuition for Performance Team is $65/month or $360 per session

Tryouts will be held Sunday August 28, 2022

Dancers will be asked to demonstrate the following steps/skills to the best of their ability:

  • Any current Irish dance skills or steps they might have
  • Any jumps or tricks from any dance style

What to Wear to Try Out
Dancers should show up to the Try Out in Black Shorts/legging, black shirt.  Whatever type of dance shoes you might have. and hair pulled off face and neck

Belonging to this team  is a very big commitment, every member needs to be just as committed as the next, therefore rules/guidelines have to be set and followed.  

Every team member will make a conscious effort to support one another and help the team improve as a whole. Help each other have a positive attitude, motivate each other, and be dedicated to the team.  Dance team members need to be prepared at practices, performances, and competition.