McGovern Irish Dance Members Quarantine Contest

McGovern Irish Dance Quarantine Contest
We have had a handful of classes online and so far I think it has been going pretty well.  We have tried Zoom Live classes, Facebook Live classes and most recently, Google Meet (which is currently the favorite among the teaching team).  We will likely continue to utilize a mix of all three in conjunction with our Google Classroom set-up. If you haven’t gotten an invite for the Classroom, please email me so I can get you added into the mix.

While all of this is working well for the current state of affairs, it by no means replaces an actual “feet on the floor” dance class.  There are so many things that are missing, mostly ME missing you! Your faces, your smiles, your chatter (if you can believe that!) and our time that we spend together is what makes McGovern Irish Dance so fun and I am so looking forward to when we can all be dancing together live and in person again.

In the meantime, how about a little contest?  (You know I can’t help myself)
The dancer that earns the most points will receive a t-shirt with our logo and some sort of Quarantine slogo – something like – “I survived the Corona Pandemic of 2020 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”  If you can think of something better, that is great, as it is worked into the contest!

How does it work?
Points are assigned to McGovern Irish Dance members  that are logged into and actively participating in our Google Classroom, once you are logged onto the classroom, you can start earning points.
The dancer at the end of the Quarantine with the most points wins. I know that there are siblings and families that will be participating under 1 name or at the same time during videos/pictures and you will each get awarded the points individually.



All MID are eligible to participate in ANY of the classes, must be there at the start to the end.
Attendance at classes will be tracked

1 point
Homework Assignments
Must be turned in on or before the due date via google classroom.  Late submissions will NOT get the points
2 points
Must be turned in on or before the due date via Google Photos/Dropbox.  Submission directions will be included with the assignments Late submissions will NOT get the points
4 points
Posted on the parent facebook page or your social media (it will be helpful for you to TAG me Shelagh McGovenr and @mcgoverndance
1 points
Challenges 6 points
Winner of Tshirt Slogan
Submit your tshirt slogan, which will be forward for an online vote.  Winner gets the points Submission info coming soon.
8 points

Contest starts March 30 and ends when we can run classes at the studio again.

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