Homeschool Irish Dance

McGovern Irish Dance is introducing an earlier class just for Home Schoolers and their families.

Are you distance learning this year, this week, today?  Do you want to interact dance, laugh and move with other people IN REAL LIFE?  Are you a seasoned home schooler looking for a new and interesting physical and mental activity?  We are so excited to announce our new class that we are now accepting enrollment into our Home School Irish Dance Class!

These classes will be held on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00 – 3:45 and will run from Sept. 15 – Dec. 15   This is an alternative class specially designed for home school children who prefer to take lessons at an earlier time in the day.  Children/families will learn the same traditional and modern Irish dance choreography.

Irish dance is a great opportunity for your home school student to get some exercise and learn a new art form (arts and physical education all in one fun extracurricular activity!), learn about history and another culture, make friends, be part of a team, and get involved in the community.

This home school Irish dance program is different – it is designed to be an all-around learning and growth experience.

• Students will learn traditional Irish step dancing, along with ceili dancing, team dancing, and some more modern show choreography.
• Each student in class will keep a “dance journal” to help them get the most out of each and every class. In their dance journal, they will write down the dance steps that they learn, what they can practice at home that week, and goals that they may have to work towards.
• Students will learn about the history of Irish dance, enhancing their knowledge and appreciation of where our unique art form comes from, along with a few words in Irish Gaelic.
• If they wish, students will have the opportunity to perform at events and competititions that McGovern Irish Dance participates in or hosts throughout the year.

If you are interested in these classes or any other class from the McGovern Irish Dance, please contact us at or call (937)567-0258 or call/text (937)321-6687

Class fees:
$10 Annual Registration Fee per family
$40 monthly per dancer OR
$150 term in full per dancer

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