Feile, Feis, Feisanna

MGovern Irish Dance has been a member of CRN and participating in CRN sanctioned competitions, or feile (rhymes with Shelagh) since 2003. As a member of CRN, McGovern Irish Dance follows the CRN style and curriculum., however starting in the summer of 2020 we have and will continue to add in other organization's curriculum and styles so that we are producing well rounded dancers that will compete well in any competitive arena.

What is CRN then? (and WIDA, RTN, An Comhdiall)

Just like sports, Irish dance has governing bodies that guide how competition should run and what the criteria for that competition will be. Cumann Rince Naisiunta (pronounced koo-mon rink-a now-shoon-ta) is the National Dance Association of Ireland and is a professional organization of Irish Dance teachers based in Dublin. It has been in existence since 1981 and has branches in Ireland, Wales, Holland, Japan, and the ntheUnited States. The website is www.crn.ie

Since CRN is an Open Platform organizaton our dancers can compete outside of CRN at other organizations such as WIDA, RTN, An Comhdiall etc

During Covid 19 Pandemic, the summer of 2020 had us exploring whatever opportunities we could find where we could dance. We began to look into other open platform organization competitions such as WIDA (World Irish Dance Association ) and Digital Feis. One blessing that has come from the Covid 19 Pandemic is that there are numerous opportunities for competing virtually and in pre recorded methods - often referred to as Digital or Virtual Feis.

The Open Platform Irish Dance community was at the forefront of creating the virtual and digital competition movement and because of this Open Platform schools and their teachers were provided an opportunity to stay motivated , active, and competitve well before any other Irish Dance organizations.