Competition and Performance Teams
All dancers that wish to compete in CRN Regionals and Nationals in Ullmhuchan and above are required to take the Ceili Teams/Performance Classes.  Not signing up for the classes does not mean you can not compete or perform but will do so at a limited level.  ALL of my competitors will compete in at least one team dance in any competition we go to.

If you are interested in ONLY performing, you may sign up for only those classes, you will not be able to compete in solos at competitions but if you want to go to competitions for teams you may do so.


You are welcome to sign up for the Level classes that apply to you as well as Performance/Team classes in addition to the regularly scheduled adult classes.  You are also welcome to take part in any workshops.  (Just keep in mind they are full of kids, lol)  We will work on specific performance pieces for those that are interested in performing during adult classes


McGovern Irish Dance Tuition Policy

  • Each family will be charged an Annual registration fee of $40. 
  • Early bird registration will reduce this to $30 per family -
  • Early Bird Registration mean that you have registered and paid for your classes (either term in full or the first month on or before August 30)

Our classes run all year long, but our broken into terms as follows:

Term 1 - Sept, Oct, Nov
Term 2 - Dec, Jan, Feb
Term 3 - March, April, May
Term 4 - June, July, Aug

Tuitions is due on or before 15th of each month. There are NO REFUNDS.  If we are forced to shut down for any reason, there will be no refunds.  If possible we will revert back to online classes.

You may break your payment into 3 month installments, details regarding tuition and class costs are found on the Class Registration Page


Ways to Pay

****Online through the parent portal***** this is the preferred method

Paypal  -

Venmo - @mcgoverndance

Check made out to MCD and mailed to McGovern 818 Linden Ave Dayton OH 45410

Cash - Dayton Studio Only - please  put in an envelope with your name amount and what you are paying for and put it in the box at the studio.  


Drop Policy
All students have 2 weeks to try a class before they are committed for the full  TERM.  If a family withdraws after 3 or more weeks of class, they are responsible for 50% of the remaining balance for the TERM as long as the studio is open and running in-person classes.

Registration fees and costume fees are non-refundable.​

If a student needs to withdraw due to severe injury, illness, debilitating family circumstance, or home relocation, parents must submit a Doctor's note or other reason for withdrawal to Director, Shelagh McGovern  for review on a case-by-case basis. 

Attendance Policy Regular attendance is expected from each dancer.  Tuition is due whether you attend class or not. 

There are no refunds for classes that were canceled by the director due to scheduling conflicts, inclement weather or other issues out of our control.  We will make an attempt to make up the time when possible by extending class times, or offering a special make up class..  If you can’t make the rescheduled dates, you may drop into a similar class that is offered throughout the week at any of the studios, verify with your instructor  as to which class would be appropriate. 

Occasionally there are free sessions as well as  special workshops offered which can act as your make up day, you must follow the regular sign up requests for these and let the instructor know you are using this for a make up.  Not all workshops will be able to be used as a make up day and this can be clarified with  Shelagh

Classes that are missed because of your schedule/choice can be made up but will not be considered “excused”.  Any unexcused make up classes will cost $25..00.   

Performance & Competitions (also called feis/feile)  is an important part of Irish dance and is considered a form of practice.  Performances and Competitions  will at times be scheduled on the same day or time as your class.  That lesson will not be considered a missed lesson or excused absence if you choose not to perform or compete.